Today we visited London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC), which is the largest archaeological archive in the world [1], where 5 million artefacts from areas around London are stored in 10km of shelves! If you want to visit it, you can pre-book a visit by filling in a form and emailing them back. On the form you should specify what do you wish to see. You can look up the online catalogue and select artefacts which you want to study. Some publications such as catalogues also feature artefacts that you may choose to check out.



This time we have looked at both documents (e.g. excavation reports, finds report, photographs) and artefacts specifically from the site VRY89. The site name consists of two partsVRY abbreviates the site name Vintry which is located at 68-69 Upper Thames Street, London. The number 89 stands for the year of excavation.

Artefacts from Roman, Saxon, Medieval, and Post-Medieval periods have been found at the site of Vintry.

The visits to the LAARC  are especially important for researchers if their research interest is primarily London Archaeology. Since they hold many collections, even with the help of volunteers it is not in the near future that all documents or artefacts can be digitised.

今天我們參觀倫敦考古文獻與研究中心(London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre, 簡稱 LAARC)。它是世界上最大型的考古文獻中心 [1],共藏超過5百萬件在倫敦附近發掘的考古遺物(及其相關考古記錄),其架子總長度足有10公里長!公眾人士須預先申請參觀時間,但手續不算複雜:先從網站下載表格,填寫想看什麼遺物和資料,並電郵發回便可。您可以先在它的網上目錄瀏覽其藏品,亦可參考一些出版物,如各考古遺址的目錄冊,以決定參觀範圍。 這次我們查看了遺址代號為VRY89的考古文件(如挖掘報告,出土文物報告,現場相片)以及某幾件該地的出土物。遺址的名稱,實際上是由兩部分組成—首先VRY代表Vintry,位於倫敦上泰晤士街68-69號,而 89則代表其挖掘年份1989。



[1] Corsini, A. “Excavating red herrings”. Retrieved from

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