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IIIF part 1: What is it and what can it do for me? 國際圖像互操作架構第一部份: 基本介紹

IIIF stands for International Image Interoperability Framework and is a standard to deliver images over the web and has existed since 2011. Normally, a website operator embeds an image in a website, which is then downloaded and displayed for visitors in their browsers. The vast majority of images that can be seen on the web is delivered from web servers to users in this fashion. Simple. IIIF is a more involved way to deliver images. On the server side, it requires not only a web server, but an image server. On the user side, it not only requires a browser, but an IIIF viewer. So, why would anyone go through the hassle of inventing this standard, inventing image servers, and inventing IIIF viewers? (more…)

By On Ki, ago